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Skiing in Beskydy

Hotel Vitality directly encourages its clients who are downhill and cross-country skiing lovers, to select from a wide range of SKI areas and cross-country trails thanks to its location in the foothills of Beskydy Mountains.  

Kempaland Bukovec Kempaland Kempaland

  • 1 ski lift
  • night skiing
  • distance 15 kms
  • Malina ski school

Malina Ski School

Ski area Złoty Groń in Istebné (PL)  

  • chairlift for 6 persons
  • snowpark
  • ski and snowboard school, rental skii
  • training lane daily (8:00 - 10:30) 

Ski area Řeka Ski area Řeka

  • 2 ski lifts
  • night skiing
  • snowpark
  • ski school
  • children's paradise with kid’s ski lift 70 m
  • distance 15 kms

Ski area Javorový

  • 3 ski lifts
  • night skiing
  • maintained cross-country trails
  • distance 11 kms

Ski area Mosty u Jablunkova

  • 3 ski lifts
  • night skiing
  • snowpark
  • ski school
  • 44 km of cross-country trails
  • distance 18 kms

Ski area Severka Dolní Lomná 

  • 4 ski lifts
  • children's ski lift
  • distance 17 kms

Ski areály

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