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Wellness treatments

Inhalation salt bath

Mineral salts inhalation  will cleanse your skin, stimulate your blood circulation and ease the breathing problem. The Spa temperature ranges between 26 - 32 °C with humidity of 40 % to 70 %.

Aroma steam bath

Aromatic essences which have positive effect on the human body are forced into warmed up and very humid rooms. Aroma steam bath is popular for the favorable effect on the respiratory system and skin, contributes to the muscle tissue regeneration and reduces overall fatigue. Last but not least is the aroma steam bath an excellent place for relaxation. The temperature ranges between 42 - 45 °C with 100 % humidity.

Kneipp bath

It is one of the oldest spa treatments.  This therapeutic cure is based on browsing through special pools flowing with cold and warm water. While walking you step on various stones lying at the bottom of each pool. This therapy has positive effect on blood circulation, blood flow to the limbs and leads to water hardening. Therapy is suitable for headaches and in order to help release the tension of the ankles and leg’s joints.


This low-temperature sauna is an ideal alternative for those whose blood circulation doesn’t allow them to experience the classical sauna. During your stay in Laconium sauna your muscles will relax and your body will release harmful toxic substances through intensive sweating.


It is a room where the warmth goes from heated walls, floors and benches into the internal space. The air temperature is around 38 °C. Tepidarium is intended for clients who are seeking to relax their body. You will benefit by strengthening your immune system.

Herbal bath

Mixture of steam and fragrance essences helps to release accumulated psychological and physical stress, has a positive effect particularly on respiratory system and skin. The result is the feeling of total relaxation, refreshment and stimulation of the body. Steam in combination with a mixture of herbs also enlarges pores and flushes out toxins, giving the skin soft and velvety appearance. Temperature is around 55 °C with a relative humidity of 30 %.

Hydro massage showers

Intended for rejuvenation and relaxation. Relaxation is supported by jet massage and light effects (storm rain, tropical rain, cold fog and cooling shower).

Classic Finnish sauna

It is the form of relaxation proven for centuries. You will help to remove the stress of everyday life, psychological stress or insomnia, this type of sauna strengthens the immune system, cleanses the skin and body from undesirable substances and  thanks to changes in temperature during body cooling you become water hardy.

Your stay in the wellness & spa is made even more enjoyable by heated bench.

Wellness & spa centrum

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